The factory born in 1964.

Thanks to the particular patented technology, CVL Legno develops an innovative product for mirror bathroom: the wooden frame. This product line composed by plied wood and not solid wood, is exported in all the world thanks to its characteristic: resistant to humidity, design and without joints.

From this technology start the development of a complex product: the wood steering wheel.


The strength point of this technology is the wood pressing making, that assure an high quality and breaking strength product. This allowed to pass all crash and aging test. With air bag coming, CVL Legno becomes steering wheels and pressing supplier for several automotive brand in the world.

The same technology is after enforce for boat sector, thanks to the rudder and steering wheels resistance  in humid and saline environment.  


The capability and CVL LEGNO know how allowed to create a lot of products with oval and round shape, for different sector thanks to the high experience of workers, and the high machinery technology , develop and build directly in to the factory.

Another important product line is the close form and curve form from it, composed by plied wood. From the cylinder, born in the 70’years, to the new generation of close and open forms,  CVL LEGNO adaptation can adapt for use you want.


Capability that is utilized for the creation of wooden shell for drums, studied and developed with specialized technicians and sound engineer to achieve an innovative product with different sound from other shells. All development and machineries are made in to the factory.

Not only drums but also custom wooden box, thanks to close form technology, for esteemed thinks thanks the great details care and high quality. New products and new sectors characterized by high quality, made in Italy and the advance technology are the CVL LEGNO foundation.



Orders and informations


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