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special essences CVL products

NEW essences products


Now available new 3D essences for our CVL curved shapes and panels.

New stones, cement, skin, texture effect like natural, material at touch and sight.

Collision, humidity, temperature, light endurance and antibacterial features.

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environment CVL

CVL & environment


CVL & sustainability

CVL plants new 150 trees in its plant area in order to give own contribution to the environment sustainability.

The new trees will improve the area, reduce CO2 and increase sun shade areas.

An improvement, that jointed to our products environmental projects, is able to help to change the world.

CVL tailoring

NEW shop on line


CVL shells and wooden hoops is now open!

Enter in the biggest custom shop in the world, customize your shells or order from our outlet & ready shop.

More than 50.000 options each shell diameter + custom bearing edge, finishes and more.

delivery all over the world

Logo CVL

NEW CVL web site


The new CVL web site is now on line.

Check out all our products, technologies and news

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