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Special wood components

cylindric shapes

The factory born in 1964 and during the 70’ years develops  a particular patented technology, that allowed to join some wood plies to create round, oval and elliptic shape without junctions and for several use. In the next years this technology is used for build product that gives a great know-how and success to CVL LEGNO.

Thanks to the technology development and research, CVL LEGNO products have passed all approval, safety and aging tests.  Quality that is also confirmed with ISO 9001:2015 certification for boat and automotive section, fittings and percussion instruments.

  Today CVL LEGNO creates, near the classic productions for automotive and boat, new important working for musical sector and packaging and enlarge the production for the furnishing.

A big choice between more products for different sectors and uses, thanks to the great possibilities and knowledge of CVL LEGNO. A research and development to obtain the best product with and for customers with the same high quality and innovation of MADE IN ITALY.

CVL LEGNO build from technical drawing, sample or development with customer, thanks to the capacity to create mould directly in the factory and taking care of each product details.

Each product can be created from the wood choice to the dimension and finishes or raw piece. 

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