Respect for the environment

Glues and varnishes use with no or low content of dangerous components.

We use varnishes and glues with 0% or low formaldehyde, dangerous elements content.

Customer protection

CVL Legno does not only warrant the conformity of products like ordered but offer a pre and post sale customer care that increases the product value.

Respect of forest

Thanks to the provenience of wood we use, some CVL wood types have certificate of provenience from controlled zone or plant regrowing zone and respect of countries rules.

Quality and guarantee

CVL Legno is quality Certified ISO 9001, so respect the international standard of certification and is able to have traceability of all products and processes to keep always the production standard and recognize the production batch and features in case of problems.

CVL Legno extends warranty to 5 years for drums shells.

Made in Italy

CVL Legno wants to promote the value of Made in Italy production and design thanks to know how that is the base of Made in Italy success around the world.

Research and development

Daily research to improve the products and process and to increase the environmental product features.

New material research and production technologies joint to the close working with customer to reach the best product are the base to become better every day.


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